Deutsche Bank deletes 17.000 digits, billions in 2. quarter

The Deutsche Bank ist Germany's leading bank and offers various financial products to institutions and private individuals as well as small and medium-sized companies. But financially it doesn't seem to be doing well for the bank. Because, as she announced in a press release on Sunday, July 7, 2019, jobs will be cut and a billion dollar loss in the second quarter will have to be accepted.

Cut to 2022 jobs by 74.000

Even if, despite all optimism, we do not assume that cryptocurrencies will completely replace banks, they are still in competition with the financial institutions. Nevertheless, banks are currently involved financial difficulties to fight. So the Deutsche Bank reports in one press releaseto post a billion dollar loss in the second quarter. That is why the company becomes important strategic Transformations and restructuring make. This will cost the bank 3 billion euros in the second quarter of 2019 alone - a total of over 2019 billion euros is planned for 5.

All planned measures the planned include:

  • By 2022, jobs will be cut to 74.000
  • No dividends are to be paid for 2019 and 2020
  • Investments in improved controlling
  • Withdrawal from the stock trading business

Deutsche Bank is therefore taking drastic measures and sees more than an urgent need for action. The quarterly figures of the second quarter are scheduled to be released on July 24, 2019. According to the press release, the bank expects one Loss from 2,8 billion euros.

Anyone who invested in Deutsche Bank shares a few years ago is, like the crypto investors, as far as the price is concerned. While a bank share in April 2015 for € 32,88 was traded with a share current status (July 07, 2019) for 7,18€ available. In addition, after this message, it can be assumed that the course will not develop better in the following days.




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