Brave and TAP Network: 250.000 acceptance points for Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Photo credit: | CC0

After Coinbase, one of the largest and most popular crypto exchanges, one Advertising campaign for Brave and the Basic Attention Token (BAT) started, the project is becoming increasingly popular in the community. In a press release On February 25, Brave announced that it had partnered with the digital advertising platform TAP Network. The network claims to have more than 250.000 partners.

Blockchain-based advertising

Brave and the associated token BAT solve the current problems of digital advertising through "Blockchain based advertising". The browser developed by Brave Software Inc. automatically blocks advertisements and rewards website operators with the ERC-20 based BAT token TAP network is the first advertising platform that connects customers and companies directly via the blockchain. The aim is to put the control of the data back in the hands of the users and the users at the same time Offer rewards. According to PAT, "Millions of consumers".

The partnership presented at the MWC (mobile-world-congress) in Barcelona enables almost 6 million Brave Browser users the redemption of the earned BAT tokens 250.000 partners of the TAP network. These include Apple, Uber and Amazon as well as hotels and restaurants around the world. The service is scheduled to start in spring 2019, initially only on the desktop version. The possibility of using the service on mobile devices will follow. Brendan Eich, CEO and founder of Brave Inc., sees no future in the currently prevailing digital advertising landscape:

Both the user and the advertiser are losers in the current digital advertising landscape. With regulations like the GDPR, this defective ecosystem can no longer be continued. We warmly welcome TAP Netzwerk as a partner of our platform, which is designed entirely for privacy and rewarding users and at the same time opens the doors for ethically correct communication with the target group.

The Brave Browser is said to, among other things, by blocking advertisements, Be 2-8 times faster than Safari and Google Chrome. The Exodus 1, a so-called blockchain smartphone from HTC, is even delivered with the Brave Browser.