After #BTC and #CRO: #BNB also gets its own Twitter emoji

Hashtags are a way to search for a specific topic using a term on social networks. On Twitter there is also the option to use the "$"Finding posts about his cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin and even display the logo when using the symbol, Binance Coin (BNB) is now following.

#BTC Emoji since the beginning of the year

Facebook and Instagram are not popular in the crypto community. Fans of blockchain technology and digital assets meet on Twitter or communicate in the instant messenger Telegram. In the past, he has clearly expressed that the CEO of Twitter is also a fan of cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin (BTC). It is not for nothing Cash app ownerthat allows users to send money on the go and buy bitcoins.

On Twitter, he pays homage to some cryptocurrencies by using the currency symbol when using hashtags like #BTC. If you use #Btc or #Bitcoin in a tweet, you will see the symbol of the world's largest cryptocurrency in addition to the hashtag. Twitter already presented this function in early February.

Due to the great popularity of this function, it was not just a cryptocurrency. A few weeks ago, #CRO followed, the second digital asset whose logo is displayed when the hashtag is used. You can see what this looks like in the following screenshot:


As a result of the announcement that #CRO will now also have an emoji, more and more communities are demanding a symbol for their preferred cryptocurrency. And today, July 1, 2020, is the third cryptocurrency that is getting its own emoji.

#BNB as the third cryptocurrency with its own emoji on Twitter

As of now, users on Twitter can use #BNB to display the logo of the in-house cryptocurrency of the Bitcoin exchange Binance. BNB is the cryptocurrency of the Binance ecosystem and is the 8th largest digital currency in the world.

The Binance social media team announced the good news a few hours ago:

The emoji not only works with #BNB, but also with the following terms:

  • #Binance
  • # BinanceTurns3
  • #MyBinance
  • #BUSD

In the comments, users are asked to add more cryptocurrencies to the crypto emoji program. It will only be a matter of time before the next digital currency follows. What it is, but there is currently no information about it. When it comes to market capitalization and the size of the community, Ethereum (ETH) and Ripplle (XRP) are currently the hottest candidates.

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