Project “Venus”: Binance wants to develop stable coins with governments

Binance goes all out. The world's largest crypto exchange, calculated on the daily trading volume, wants to enter a new business area. After bringing a majority of the crypto users to the platform, Binance will also focus on developing stablecoins - in collaboration with governments around the world.

Development together with governments and corporations

While cryptocurrencies are still unaffected by yet another great hype, large companies are continuing to work on their long-term visions of digital currencies. The globally popular crypto exchange Binance published in an official press release from Monday, August 19, 2019, new plans for crypto adaptation.

"Venus" is a project launched by Binance in which an "open blockchain platform" is to be developed. The Venus initiative aims to be local Stablecoins and digital currencies, which to the local currency bound are. Binance plans to join directly Governments, crypto companies and big ones Technology corporations work together. With Venus both Industry- as well as Developing countries to be made aware of the new currencies.

We encourage like-minded people and organizations to contact us and discuss directly with us about the endless possibilities of the digital world.

The Binance Blockchain is recommended as a platform - how could it be otherwise? According to the press release, this has been running "safely and robustly" since the start of last April and has already published a number of stablecoins. As an example here is the Binance BGBP Stable Coin to call the to the British pound is bound. The crypto exchange will offer full technical support, the compliance system and other support when working together.

In einem Interview Binance co-founder Yi He spoke to Coindesk that digital currencies will eventually replace our current currencies:

We believe that in the short or long term, stablecoins will gradually replace the current FIAT currencies in countries around the world. This will create a new stable and balanced standard in the digital economy.


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