Australians can buy bitcoins (BTC) at 3,500 Australia Post offices

An important aspect for the mass adaptation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the easy access to them. In Australia, residents can now purchase the largest digital asset at 3,500 post offices. Alternative buying points such as the post office or Bitcoin machines are becoming increasingly popular.

Buy bitcoins at 3,500 Australia Post branches

The service for buying bitcoins is made possible by a cooperation between Australia Post and This means that Australian residents can purchase bitcoins at more than 3,500 post offices. Payments are accepted with Australian dollars and ATM or credit cards.

As in the official press release said, working with Australia Post is designed to make buying bitcoins for Australians quick and secure. In order to purchase bitcoins, customers must enter the desired amount of bitcoins to be acquired and write down their wallet address via the platform.

Online verification via Australia Post's Digital ID is then necessary in order to comply with the regulatory requirements. However, this is only necessary for the first purchase, but it also means that the purchase cannot be made anonymously. With this information, customers can drive to the nearest post office, show their passport and pay for Bitcoins there with cash or card. Sounds complicated? We think so too!

In addition, the process must be completed within two hours and is therefore dependent on the opening hours of the Australia Post. This does not enable uninterrupted trading in cryptocurrencies, as is customary from online exchanges. We have the best and most trusted exchanges for the safe purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies summarized here for you.

It remains to be seen how many of the country's 25 million inhabitants will take advantage of the offer.

More and more Bitcoin machines worldwide

Despite the complicated processes, alternative buying points are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to the increasing selection of alternative buying points, the number of Bitcoin machines is also increasing despite the sometimes high fees.

As we reported a few days ago, the number of BTC machines reaches 8,500 units across 73 countries. However, the distribution is anything but even. While there are already 155 pieces in Austria, there are only 48 in Germany. North America is the market leader in the field of Bitcoin machines:

Number of Bitcoin ATMs reaches over 8.000 in 73 countries - availability in Germany remains poor

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