Blockchain travel platform 170% more bookings, 21% pay with Bitcoin (BTC) is a blockchain-based hotel booking platform where customers with more than 20 cryptocurrencies can pay. While the platform also had to deal with the effects of the corona pandemic in May, strong growth was recorded for June. Payment is primarily made with Bitcoin (BTC).

Travala: 13% are paid with the in-house cryptocurrency AVA

The travel platform Travala was founded in 2017 and was able to establish itself as the best-known platform for bookings that can be paid for with cryptocurrencies. Yesterday, Wednesday, July 1, 2020, Travala released the latest figures for the past month June.

While the travel industry was hit particularly hard by the Corona pandemic, the numbers seem to be improving, at least for Travala. In June, the crypto travel platform saw a 170% increase in booking revenue, generating $ 184,296 USD.

A total of 981 overnight stays were booked, an increase of 81% compared to May. The average nightly rate was $ 166 USD. Accommodations were most commonly booked in the United States, France, Spain and the Netherlands. Germany ranks sixth among the most booked destinations.


The special feature of Travala is that customers can pay not only with fiat currencies, but also with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). But especially the in-house cryptocurrency seems to be popular as a means of payment: 13% of all bookings were made in June with the cryptocurrency AVA. This means that only the world's largest digital currency, Bitcoin (BTC), is used more frequently. The following table shows the most popular payment methods:


Cooperation between and Travelbybit

With its platform, Travala proves that users are quite willing to spend their digital currencies and not just hold them as an investment. However, the success of the platform is not left to chance and its ecosystem is expanded through partnerships with other companies that are active in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

A few weeks ago, Travala announced that it would cooperate with the Travelbybit platform supported by Binance. With joint marketing activities and cross-platform features, the success of both companies should be promoted and one of the largest travel platforms worldwide should be created:

Binance-based travel companies and TravelbyBit merge

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