BTC-Reward startup Lolli receives $ 3 million investment - Ashton Kutcher as investor

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Cashback programs are a popular way to save money when buying goods. So why not combine these programs with the advantages of cryptocurrencies? Lolli is a New York start-up that enables just that: cashback in the form of Bitcoin (BTC). The company secured $ XNUMX million in a round of financing.

Lolli: App for mobile devices starts in summer 2020

Lolli was founded in August 2018 and has been using browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox ever since. These enable customers to save money when shopping online by getting Bitcoin (BTC) back in the form of a reward program. On average, users get back 7% of the total of their purchases. More than 750 partners and retailers, including Priceline, Sephora, and Macy's, have joined the New York company.

Lolli is said to be the easiest way to earn and own bitcoins. Scott Nolan, Partner at Founders Fund, sees it the same way:

Lolli has emerged as the leader in Bitcoin rewards by making owning Bitcoin particularly easy. Entry barriers have always been the biggest problem of lack of adoption. With the launch of the mobile app this year, Lolli will take the next step to make Bitcoin available to everyone.

In addition to countless companies, the start-up's investors include well-known personalities such as Ashton Kutche, Michelle Phan and Guy Oseary, the manager of Madonna and U2. Ashton Kutcher reveals his enthusiasm for the company on Twitter:


The new investment will accompany the launch of the new app for mobile devices. The app should be available in summer 2020. In addition, according to the press release before the company expands.




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