Coinstar plans to double BTC machines: usage increases by 40%

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Bitcoin vending machines seem to be becoming increasingly popular in the United States. In January 2019, we already reported on the partnership between Coinstar and Coinme. A new multi-million dollar investment and increasing use of BTC machines ushers in the company's expansion. The pandemic is unaffected.

Coinstar plans to double BTC machines

After the start-up from Seattle another one $ 5,5 million investment was able to win for itself, it is now about expansion. Since February 2019 Usage the machine around increased more than 40%, reports Coinme CEO Neil Bergquist. And that despite the persistent Pandemic, which is high in most of the companies economic damage is done and left behind. The provider of the BTC machines does not seem to be affected by this.

gegenüber coindesk berichtet Michael Jack, President of Product at Coinme that one Doubling the number of machines plans. This should happen within a year. There are also plans to set up new machines. However, no details have been published. The upcoming Halving, of the rising bitcoin rate and the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies are likely to play into the hands of the company.

Of particular interest is the fact that there is a small one $ 1.200 increase in deposits has given. That corresponds to the amount of Corona stimulus checks, which every US citizen has received. The Coinme press spokesman sees no significant correlation in this. The increase is probably too small for that.

First licensed BTC machine company

Coinme was already 2014 and first officially licensed Bitcoin vending company in the United States founded. Meanwhile, transactions of several million dollars a month are processed. In addition to the machines, Coinme offers a digital wallet and individual services for private individuals and institutions. Coinstar already put several thousands of machines in the USA, where coins can be counted and exchanged fully automatically.



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