The final proof for Faketoshi? Bitcoin addresses from 2009 call Craig Wright a scam!

There is only one goal for Craig Wright: he wants to convince the world that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Despite several announcements, he has been able to prove his claims, but has not yet been able to prove it. The signatures of a message that the fake satoshi alias Faketoshi calls fraudsters and liars should finally bring clarity - but not in favor of Craig Wright.

"We are all Satoshi."

The Australian Craig Wright always makes headlines. Because he can not stray from constantly pretending to be Satoshi Nakamoto and thus annoying the community. Wright is behind the Bitcoin Association, which is responsible for the development of the "true Bitcoin" called Bitcoin Satoshis Vision (BSV).

In an ongoing lawsuit, Wright had to provide multiple Bitcoin addresses that he owned. However, as it became known yesterday, the information provided by the BSV advocate appears to be false information. Because 145 of these addresses were used to sign a public message, Craig Wright calls you a fraudster, thereby making it clear that the address is not in the possession of the Australian.

The message, which was signed by 145 Bitcoin addresses from 2009, is translated:

Craig Wright is a liar and a cheater. He doesn't have the keys to sign this message.

The Lightning network is a significant achievement. Nevertheless, we have to continuously work on increasing the on-chain capacities.

Unfortunately, the solution is not simply to change a constant in the code or to allow powerful participants to exclude others.

We are all Satoshi.

Influence on the Ira Kleimann case

Some addresses that signed this Message, should be the final proof that they do not belong to Craig Wright. Because in the so-called Ira-Kleiman case, which is currently in court, he named some of these addresses as his own - as part of the so-called Tulip Trust. Wright also claims to have mined approximately one million Bitcoin (BTC) with David Kleimann, Ira Kleiman's brother.

This new incident in the signed message could be decisive for the outcome of the case. Apart from his statements, which have now apparently been refuted, the Australian has not yet been able to do any Evidence for the possession of these wallets.


Photo credit: | CC0