The crypto market is rising: Bitcoin (BTC) price moves close to $ 10.000, Cardano (ADA) with 40%, IOTA with 15% price increase

The panic on the crypto market startet in mid-March: with the crash of the stock markets, the price of all cryptocurrencies was torn down. Bitcoin even briefly fell below $ XNUMX and stood at $ XNUMX. But the big crash of the crypto market seems to be over, Bitcoin (BTC) is slowly but steadily heading for the $ XNUMX and Cardano is unstoppable.

Bitcoin price is heading for $ 10.000 USD

The situation on the crypto market calmed down after the crash and the Bitcoin price is almost back to where it was a few months ago. The peak before the crash was USD 10.350 in mid-February, currently the Bitcoin price is USD 9.556. The price is slowly but steadily increasing and it shouldn't take long, if there are no major crashes, for the Bitcoin price to return to USD 10.000.

It remains to be seen how the economy and thus the stock markets will develop. Because with the crash of the stock markets, caused by the global corona pandemic, they also tore the prices of all cryptocurrencies into the abyss.

Cardano (ADA) rises 40% after Mainnet announcement

With major cryptocurrencies, Cardano was able to rise the most. As a result of the announcement of the Mainnet, the course of the cryptocurrency was able to increase by more than XNUMX% and therefore overtake the cryptocurrency Tezos and is again one of the XNUMX largest cryptocurrencies in the world with a market capitalization of USD XNUMX billion. The Cardano (ADA) price is currently trading at $ XNUMX.

Cardano's CEO Charles Hoskinson said on Twitter that the Shelley Mainnet Hard Fork will take place on July XNUMXth. According to the graphic, the first staking rewards should be possible from August XNUMX.

Enormous application possibilities: IOTA course registers 15% gain

IOTA is also among the winners among the largest cryptocurrencies. After many announced usecases in the past few weeks and the IOTA Foundation was chosen from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, in coordination with Europeaid, in the final of the #SmartDevelopmentHack. The IOTA course saw an increase of XNUMX%.

In addition, a few days ago an article entitled "A Guide to Upcoming IOTA XNUMX (Coordicide) Terminology " was released on the official IOTA Blog. This should give hope again for everyone who is eagerly awaiting the so-called Coordicide, which will switch off the Coordinator.



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