Hacker attack: Bitcoin exchange Cashaa loses more than 300 Bitcoins (BTC) from an external wallet

It is not just private investors who are repeatedly victims of hackers and fraudsters. Bitcoin exchanges are also not always protected against dangerous attacks. This time it hit the Cashaa exchange. After a successful attack by an unknown person, the exchange loses a total of 336 bitcoins (BTC) that were withdrawn from one of the wallets.

Blockchain.com Wallet Affected - Cashaa Stock Exchange is Secure

Cashaa is a licensed crypto exchange from the UK. Among other things, it offers trading in the world's largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). As the exchange has now announced in a tweet, a total of 336 pieces of the digital asset are missing. According to the company, these were stolen by a hacker, as the team reports on Twitter:

According to the tweet, a Blockchain.com wallet is affected by Cashaa. This means that the exchange was not hacked directly, but the attacker was able to gain access to one of the external wallets on the exchange.

Cashaa believes that the hacker could infect one of the company's computers with malicious software and thereby have access to the Blockchain.com wallet. This allowed him to steal more than $ 3 million USD worth of bitcoins.

Criticism from the community for unsafe storage

It is difficult to take legal action against such hackers. One way to prevent the attacker from accessing the stolen bitcoins is to work with other crypto exchanges. Therefore, Cashaa informed crypto exchanges like Binance or WazirX with the attacker's Bitcoin address to make it difficult for them to pay out.

The authorities of the Indian capital Delhi were also informed. The exchange suspects that the attacker is there.


There is legitimate criticism from the community that the exchange keeps the bitcoins on a web wallet like that of Blockchain.com. The Twitter user @prayankgahlot comments on the incident:

Any exchange that uses a Blockchain.com wallet deserves to fail.


Markus from Kryptokumpel.de
Photo credit: pixabay.com | CC0