Ryde: Carpooling app accepts payments with Bitcoin (BTC) for RydeCoin

Ryde is an app for creating CarPools, i.e. car pools. The company Ryde Technologies, which is behind the app, announced yesterday, Tuesday, that it will be able to make payments with Bitcoin immediately. Payment is made with a specially developed wallet and the in-house RydeCoin.

Buying Rydecoins with Bitcoin (BTC)

The CO2 emissions of cars with internal combustion engines contribute a non-negligible part to global warming. But a waiver is not always possible and the switch to electric cars is only a temporary solution for many. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to participate in carpooling. The Ryde app enables users to search for carpools in the area or selected locations.

The Singapore-based company announced yesterday that it would not only be able to pay with Bitcoin, but also presented an integrated crypto wallet. In it, users can use Bitcoins to purchase their own Rydecoin and use it to pay for the service. 1 Rydecoin corresponds to one Singapore dollar (approx. € 0,64). The maximum deposit into the wallet is $ 700 USD.

With Bitcoin, it shouldn't end. As Ryde announces, payment with the second largest cryptocurrency in the world Ethereum (ETH) is planned in the future. Other cryptocurrencies are also not excluded.

Ryde offers its carpooling app in Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Payment with bitcoins will initially only be available to customers from Singapore.

Singapore is considered technology-oriented

Not only private individuals, but also more and more companies want to benefit from the advantages of cryptocurrencies and participate in the market. Ryde's CEO, Terence Zou, reports to coindeskto be enthusiastic about Bitcoin:

I have observed developments in this particular area and am increasingly confident about the prospects of the cryptocurrency and its use.

According to the CEO, the population of Singapore is very technology-oriented and hopes that this function will be widely adopted. The next few weeks and months will show how the possibility will be accepted in the island and city-state with a population of 5,6 million.

Meanwhile, Whatsapp, the instant messenger taken over by Facebook a few years ago, is taking a different path. Instead of betting on the cryptocurrency Libra as speculated, the company is testing payments directly in Whatsapp, but without cryptocurrencies:

No Bitcoin for WhatsApp: Instant Messenger launches integrated payment service via Facebook Pay


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