Winklevoss Bitcoin Price Forecast: "The question is not when, but how fast BTC will reach $ 500,000"

The billionaire twin brothers Winklevoss are among the most famous faces in the crypto market. Not only are the two founders of the well-known crypto exchange Gemini, they also appear regularly in the media and inspire the community with bullish statements and price forecasts. If they have their way, the adoption of Bitcoin, and with it the price, is only just beginning.

Tyler Winklevoss: The game has only just begun

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have every reason to believe in an increase and mass adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. After all, they founded the Bitcoin exchange Gemini in 2014 and hope for many more good business years. But the two seem to have the trust of the community and actually believe in the many advantages of Bitcoin and the blockchain. According to their own information, they bought their first bitcoins back in 2012.

In a new podcast with Peter McCormack, they are once again attracting attention in the Bitcoin community. In it, the brothers talk about the fact that a Bitcoin course of USD 500,000 can no longer be prevented. Tyler said in an interview:

The question is not whether the rate will hit $ 500.000, but how quickly. In fact, I'd argue that $ 500.000 Bitcoin is a pretty conservative value and the game hasn't really started yet.

According to Tyler, his predictions are based on the market capitalization of gold. It also takes into account a possible stake that banks could hold in the future. In addition, of course, there is his extremely positive attitude towards the largest cryptocurrency in the world and the strong belief that it can make an even better name for itself within the next few years.

Wall Street and institutions not invested

According to Cameron Winklevoss, contrary to the opinion of the community, Wall Street and large institutions are not yet, or not sufficiently, invested in Bitcoin. In the interview he says, among other things:

Wall Street isn't here yet. Institutions are not currently invested in Bitcoin. It's a phenomenon common to private investors for the past decade.

In an AMA carried out in 2019 (Ask-Me-Anything) on reddit the brothers were asked if they still believe in their bullish forecast. Your answer:

Our thesis on the Bitcoin price remains unchanged. We believe Bitcoin is better than gold. If we are right, Bitcoin market capitalization will exceed that of gold by over $ 7 trillion

An interested user wanted to know how many Bitcoins the two brothers actually had. To which they replied jokingly: "Not as many as Satoshi!"You can assume that the brothers have enough bitcoins to make ends meet even in the event of a crash.


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