TRON presents new details on incentives for the Bittorrent Token (BTT)

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After the huge hype surrounding Bittorrent and the associated Bittorrent token has subsided somewhat, the team has now released new details. A blog post describes three new incentives for using the token for Bittorent, which can be claimed by over a billion users of the network. Bittorrent was acquired by TRON, the 2018th largest crypto project in the world, in 10.

BitTorrent wants to promote blockchain adaptation

Bittorent is a Peer-to-peer client to exchange data. After the takeover of TRON last year, an own token, the Bittorrent Token, was announced. After it exploded on launch on the Binance launchpad and over 1.000% price gain was able to record, it has become a little quieter around the project. But that doesn't mean that there are no developments. Like the team in one Blog Post announced, there will be three incentives for users of the token:

  • Incentives for BitTorrent users:
    The initiative is intended to provide educational work on blockchain technology and promote access to the TRON and BitTorrent ecosystem. Based on the user incentive, it is expected that the number of TRON users will increase. Further details will be published in a few weeks.
  • Incentives for partners:
    The BitTorrent Token (BTT) has been listed on more than 30 exchanges since its launch in late January. The team will soon publish a partner program for exchanges and supported wallets. The program is intended to allow the partners to take part in BTT Airdrops and to research the TRON and BTT networks.
  • Ecosystem incentives:
    BitTorrent plans to offer incentives for clients who trust and offer the BitTorrent network and the BitTorrent Token (BTT). This initiative is intended to clarify BitTorrent's principle of being open source. According to the team, the program should also not only be beneficial for BitTorrent, but for the entire blockchain community and adaptation of the technology.

"With our new incentive program, we want to bring a new target group into the blockchain community and make this powerful technology accessible for products that are used by people every day. What we are building will serve a base installed on a billion computers, businesses and users of TRON."said Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRON and BitTorrent.

TRON and BitTorrent plan to further scale their products and increase the user base. Any interested company is offered to contact the BitTorrent team.