Blockchain-Based Football Trading Cards: Sorare Gets $ 4M Investment

The blockchain offers, among other things, the possibility of making digital objects clear and undoubtedly verifiable. The company Sorare takes advantage of this and offers a collection platform for football cards that can even be used for online gaming. The next chapter is set to begin with a new investment totaling $ 4 million.

Combination of online gaming and fun collecting

The Sorare platform, founded by Nicolas Julia, combines online gaming with the trading of digital soccer cards based on the blockchain. The French company has already partnered with more than 70 soccer teams from Europe, Asia and the USA to offer their players as a trading card. Among them are some of the most famous footballers in the world like Christiano Ronaldo.

The Ethereum Blockchain makes it possible for the first time to design digital objects as collectibles and thus to ensure scarcity:

Sorare uses Ethereum to make tight, officially licensed soccer player cards. Users can freely buy and sell scarce digital collectibles representing soccer players on our online marketplace. More importantly, these cards are not just collectibles. They offer valuable benefits in our fantasy soccer game, where you can take part in competitions every week and earn rewards.

Investors in Sorare include well-known companies such as Consensys, Seedcamp and Ubisoft or the football world champion André Schürrle. In a new round of financing, the company raised another $ 4 million to drive the business forward.

With the money plant Sorare to double her team by the end of the year. To improve the gaming experience, designers and developers are hired for the Paris office. Sorare also plans to double the number of licensed clubs by 2021. The big goal: to sign a contract with the 20 largest football leagues in the world.

According to their own statements, 20,000 people will use the platform. The majority of the players come from France, Russia, the USA, Italy and Great Britain. From December 2019 to June 2020, sales increased tenfold to more than $ 350,000 USD.

Blockchani-based crypto stamps

Collecting digital objects that can be detected using blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular. Austrian Post celebrated a great success with the first crypto stamps available worldwide and started the second version of the crypto stamps a few weeks ago.

Available from tomorrow: Blockchain stamps from Austrian Post “Crypto Stamps 2.0”

Even postage stamps from Lamborghini are now available. Each stamp is an individual object, with its own history and uniqueness. This uniqueness is guaranteed by the use of blockchain technology. It also protects against counterfeiting. The stamps can thus be collected, sold or held as an investment.

Blockchain forgery-proof: Lamborghini presents digital stamps


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