Qtum and Google: Developer platform on Google Cloud

Google is not only the most visited website in the world, but in addition to various services such as Gmail or Google Drive, there are also offers for companies in its portfolio. Google Cloud is a platform that consists of physical resources such as computers and hard drives, as well as virtual machines. These are made available via Google data centers worldwide. As the Qtum team announced, it will now be possible for interested parties to use the Blockchain Developer Tools via Google Cloud.

Bring more people to the Qtum community

Qtum is a blockchain project from Singapore. The cryptocurrency connects smart contracts from Ethereum and the stable blockchain from Bitcoin and puts on Proof-of-Stake for verification. The project wants to simplify the use of smart contracts, especially for companies, and thus overcome existing hurdles.

The latest collaboration with Google aims to take a step to overcome these hurdles. The blockchain developer tool from Qtum is available for free use and is intended to enable developers but also normal users to launch a Qtum node easily and cost-effectively. In addition, the development on the Qtum blockchain is to be simplified using the Google Cloud platform.

In the official Medium contribution Qtum CIO Miguel Palencia said:

Google Cloud is the perfect partner to make the blockchain ecosystem simpler and more intuitive. While so far An intensive and complex process of launching a node enabled Qtum's new developer suite to use simple shortcuts and tools that make this process faster and easier. With easier accessible technology, we hope to bring more people into the Qtum community - from experts to everyday users.

What can the cryptocurrency Qtum (QTUM) do?

Qtum describes itself as a decentralized open source project that is suitable for both smart contracts and the transfer of values. According to market capitalization, Qtum is the 32nd largest cryptocurrency in the world. The project aims to combine the best of the worlds of Ethereum (smart contracts) and Bitcoin (stable and secure blockchain). Qtum was developed on the basis of the Bitcoin Code and provided with an additional layer on which the so-called EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) runs. The mainnet went online in September 2017. The 3 core elements of Qtum are as follows:

  1. Smart contracts platform for companies: Qtum offers a standardized and secure programming environment for smart contracts, which should make it easier for companies to develop and deploy
  2. Reliable platform for dApps: Qtum is a decentralized platform for applications that offers security and stability
  3. Blockchain service for companies: Qtum offers customized solutions



Photo credit: pixabay.com | CC0