Report: Bitfinex plans its own token, plans to raise $ 1 billion

Bitfinex is one of the largest and most established crypto exchanges on the market. But the image of the exchange is tarnished after rumors spread around the internet that the USDT stablecoin, which is controlled by the exchange, is not covered 1: 1 with real dollars. The trigger was the filing of an injunction by a New York attorney general. As Bitfinex shareholder Zhao Dong now claims, an IEO of a new token should start in a few days. A total of one billion US dollars are to be collected.

$ 1 million minimum investment

The Chinese Zhao Dong is not only Billionaire, but shareholder the Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex. While the Exchange's image is currently tarnished by the Tether scandal, new rumors are already spreading about the stock exchange. As Dong reports, an IEO of a new token should start in a few days. According to his information, interested parties should contact him directly or the company DFfund he founded. The catch: if you want to invest, you should have enough capital. Because, as Dong explains, the minimum investment amount is $ XNUMX million.

Will that be Financing goal Reaching $ XNUMX billion, Dong sees no need to allow tokens to be bought by private investors. After the "first-come-first-serve" Principle issued. If you come first, you will certainly get your tokens - provided you have the minimum investment. Supposedly bready buyer for tokens worth $ 500 million available.

The structure and function of the Tokens soll similar be designed like that of the crypto exchange Binance. The BNB has seen an enormous rise in prices, particularly in recent weeks. At the start of the sale, the price is for a token $ 1.

Interested investors must until Sunday a non-binding one Purchase contract submit. It sounds a bit bizarre at first. However, the reports believe that so far no white paper published, that makes perfect sense.



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