TokenInsight: Most of the exchange tokens are undervalued

Not only stablecoins have been enjoying in recent years increasing popularity, but also in-house exchange tokens from popular Bitcoin exchanges such as Binance and OKex. They can be used to pay trading fees, IEO platforms and other uses. A recent report by TokenInsights shows that most of these cryptocurrencies are still undervalued despite their high profile.

Exchange tokens bring advantages for users and the stock exchange

Binance has shown the way with the in-house BNB: with specific uses of the exchange token BNB on the in-house as well IEO platform BNB developed into a real success. Today, the Binance Coin is in 8th place among all cryptocurrencies, ahead of large projects such as EOS and Cardano. Meanwhile, many other exchanges, such as Huobi, Bitpanda, OKex or KuCoin, have their own token. However, they could not keep up with the great success of the Binance Coin.

There are currently more than a dozen Exchange tokens, which should bring advantages for the users of the platforms. According to a recent report by research and data analysis company TokenInsight, most of these exchange tokens are still undervalued.

The valuation is determined using a new system, which also determines the value of the exchange behind the token:

With the TokenInsight rating system for exchange tokens, standardized analyzes for exchange-based tokens can be carried out to determine the true value behind an exchange.

Examined A total of eight exchange tokens were created for:

  • Volume of the exchange
  • possible development of the token
  • Asset of the stock exchange
  • market capitalization
  • and much more.

According to the results, a large part of the examined exchange tokens is still undervalued: 8 of the 6 exchange tokens are undervalued and 2 overvalued. Among the undervalued are surprisingly few tokens such as the Binance Coin and the Huobi Token. A fair valuation of the Binance Coin, according to the report, is $ 21,28 USD. BNB is currently trading at $ 17,08 USD. Huobi's exchange token - Huobi Token (TK) - should also be worth significantly more than the current $ 6.28 USD at $ 4.43 USD.

Not all exchange tokens are undervalued

However, the report also shows that not all Exchange tokens are rated too low. The Bitfinex exchange token, one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges worldwide, is overvalued, according to the experts at TokenInsight. UNUS SED LEO (LEO) is in 1,2th place with a market cap of over $ 15 billion USD and is said to be overvalued. Instead of the current rate of $ 1,24 USD, $ 0,79 USD would be justified for an SEO token. This is due to the slow growth in Bitfinex's earnings.

According to the report of the tokens of the KuCoin exchange, KuCoin Shares (KCS) is also considered overvalued. Instead of the current price of $ 0,97 USD, a value of $ 0,87 would be justified according to TokenInsight's calculations.


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