Chainlink (LINK): T-System from Deutsche Telekom becomes a node operator

In addition to countless DeFi projects, one cryptocurrency is currently being hyped: Chainlink (LINK). With its technology, the project promises to link off-chain data with the blockchain. After China's blockchain service announced that it would use Chainlink, the next big collaboration follows.

As a node operator, T-System receives digital assets

T-Systems is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, which generated sales of more than $ 2019 billion in 90. T-System, based in Frankfurt, employed 2017 people in over 20 countries in 37.000, including 18.000 at T-Systems International GmbH in Germany. Of the Service offers solutions for the automotive, telecommunications, financial, retail, services, media, energy and manufacturing industries, as well as public administration and healthcare.

Like the company in a blog post known there will be a Chainlink Node from now on. This should ensure the reliability of external data that are linked to smart contracts:

As a node operator, T-Systems MMS ensures the reliable connection of external data to intelligent contracts and earns digital assets for this.

By operating a Chainlink node, MMS from T-Systems will provide reliable real-world data for Chainlink network users and decentralized applications (dApps) on Ethereum. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary will thus continue to support the vision of public blockchains as the basis for numerous applications, such as decentralized finance (DeFi).


Chainlink (LINK) course with extreme increase

Chainlink (LINK) has been one of the best performers among cryptocurrencies in recent weeks. Especially in the top 20, no other digital asset LINK can hold its own when it comes to price increases. If the LINK price was still at $ 3,50 in May, the price rose briefly to almost $ 9,00 and then corrected to currently $ 7,50. Which is still an increase of more than 100%.


One reason for the extreme price increase is the integration of the Chainlink price feeds of countless DeFi projects. They use Chainlink technology to ensure reliable prices.

In addition, the cryptocurrency experienced hype after it became known that China's blockchain service network will use Chainlink. The integration should make it easier for companies and governments to implement their off-chain data in the network.

China's national blockchain service network is now using Chainlink - LINK price rises to almost $ 5 USD


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