Justin Sun presents three new DeFi products for the Tron (TRX) ecosystem

The hype surrounding DeFi applications is currently unstoppable. Even crypto projects that have so far had nothing to do with the topic want to get a piece of the DeFi cake. Justin Sun and Tron have also recognized the trend of decentralized finance and decentralized exchanges. The CEO yesterday presented a total of three new applications for Just and the Tron ecosystem.

JST as a central element for the Tron DeFi ecosystem

Tron (TRX) is one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world and has a global community. The project's CEO, Justin Sun, has been the subject of numerous announcements in the past. Despite all the criticism, he continues his method of creating hype among his followers with tweets.

Just is a Tron-based lending platform with the in-house token JST and the stablecoin USDJ. And just for this platform, Justin Sun announced yesterday three innovations on Twitter, which are currently being developed by the JUST DeFi team and will be published soon:

  1. JUST Lend: A platform on which Tron users can earn interest or borrow assets against a collateral
  2. JUST Swap: A completely decentralized on-chain protocol for exchanging tokens
  3. JUST BTC: A TRC-20 token that is 1: 1 covered with bitcoins (BTC).
In the future, it is planned to implement the JST token as the central token for the Tron DeFi ecosystem. It should be used for decentralized loans, decentralized trading and cross-chain applications, as CEO Justin Sun reports on Twitter:

Tron 4.0 shortly before release

Tron is not only facing an upcoming hype about DeFi and DEX. The fourth version of Tron, TRON 4.0, will be launched in just a few days. As we have already reported, the update will implement some innovations, such as the implementation of a smart contract privacy protocol.

Tron 4.0 should also be the guide to become interesting for institutions and large companies. As the first point of contact for dApps, the Tron Blockchain has already proven itself in the past, as Justin Sun recently announced. Because more than 750 dApps are currently based on the blockchain of his project.

Official: Tron 4.0 starts on July 7th - these are the innovations!


Markus from Kryptokumpel.de
Photo credit: pixabay.com | CC0