The IOTA course explodes! + 100% in 10 days!

IOTA failed within the past 10 days an incredible 100% price increase record - from $ 1 to an incredible $ 2. In the last 24 hours alone, the price rose by 13% - The current IOTA course is $ 2,00! (You come to the current course in real time here). This places IOTA in 9th place in terms of market capitalization. You can find out what the reasons are in the article below.

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Here you see the first Price increase of the last 7 days at a glance:

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But why is the IOTA course currently exploding so strongly?

The reasons include:

1. Trinitiy Wallet

The first reason is the announced Trinity Wallet, which is your own virtual wallet where you can keep your IOTA safe. This has been hyped for some time and may only be tested by a few selected people. The feedback from these people on Reddit is very positive. According to some statements, the Trinity Wallet should revolutionize a lot.

2. The secret project "Q"

In addition, the founders announced that after the release of Trinity and the Mobile Wallet, they would focus even more on "Q". "Q" is a secret word for a project that has not yet been published or a collaboration that is intended to put everything that has existed on the crypto market in the shade. It has been speculated for several months what it could be. Rumor has it that "Q" should have something to do with quantum technology and quantum computers.

We will learn more about this in the next few weeks. But should the announcement live up to the hype, it could mean an unprecedented price increase. Especially if "Q" should attract media attention. We are very excited about the next few weeks.  

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3. Fujitsu presents IOTA at the Hanover Fair

The Japanese technology company Fujitsu with over 150.000 employees worldwide will present IOTA and its application at the trade fair in Hanover. The fair starts on Monday, April 23 and lasts until April 27. You can find out more here: Fujitsu introduces IOTA

4. New website

Another new feature is the new IOTA website. This will go online on April 15, 2018. The hype surrounding the new website does not arise from a new design, however, but the assumption that there will be more, and above all, new information on the "Q" project. The founders of IOTA at least give hope, because they wrote on Twitter that the new website will be much more than just that. We are excited and look forward to the future of IOTA!

Update: The new website is online! -> You can use IOTA at Binance to buy (click here).

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