ATTENTION! The Ethereum-Nowa Fork is a scam

One of the forks supposedly a scam

A total of 3 forks of the cryptocurrency Ethereum take place in January. While the famous Constantinople is reducing the mining reward and preparing the network to switch to the Proof of Stake protocol, users will receive new tokens for the other two forks. But one of the forks, the Ethereum Nowa, is supposed to be a scam.

Employee photos: pictures from the net

At one of the upcoming forks of the Etehreum network, the Ethereum Nowa Fork, supposed to be one Scam act. As has now become known, the team uses photos of other people from the Internet as employee photos. After some users became aware of this scam while researching the new token, the developers of the project quickly got it "Team" page again from the Website removed.

The biggest problem is not the free tokens, which Ethereum owners get in ratio 1.1. The purchase of the cryptocurrency is offered on the project website. "If you want to buy ETN right now, send Ethereum to our address. After the fork we will send the ETN tokens to your wallet address. In addition, you can send your ETN to any exchange and sell it there or keep it profitable."The developers offer 1 ETN for 1200 Ethereum.

We would like 2 Note things:

  1. DO NOT SEND ETHEREUM TO THE DEVELOPER'S ADDRESS. The team asked users to export their private keys and import them into the official ETN wallet after they transferred their Ethereum there. So it could be one large-scale phishing attack act!
  2. The team claims to be able to sell the tokens on any exchange. So far, however not a single exchange announced that it would support the Ethereum Nowa Fork. Not to mention whether the cryptocurrency is actually ever listed anywhere.

But stop! The internet does not forget:

Young and older people are constantly being told what it means that the Internet never forgets. Because even if content is deleted from the network, it has often not completely disappeared. Using the "" can be websites zu earlier times restore and call. This allows everyone to look at the fraud by Ethereum Nowa developers: Ethereum Nowa Fake Photos. Here we have put together two examples of the "team members" for you:

The alleged CEO

The "Fronted" developer Daniil

What do you think about that?


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