ErisX: First US covered ETH futures officially approved

In July 2019, we already reported that ErisX Official approval of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) for trading covered Bitcoin futures had received. Less than a year later, on the day of the bitcoin halving, the first covered Ethereum futures in the United States were now approved.

ETH Future contracts expire monthly or quarterly

ErisX is a digital stock exchange for digital asset trading founded in 2010. In one Medium- The company is now posting, less than a year after the Bitcoin futures were approved green light for ETH futures to have received. At that time, it was already clear that further cryptocurrencies would follow Bitcoin (BTC) - with Ethereum (ETH) this is the time. Trading with the Future contracts is from today, May 11th, 2020, possible.

According to ErisX, transparent and regulated financial markets are essential to enable pricing and hedging options:

We are proud to be able to offer this infrastructure in favor of the Ethereum network and look forward to seeing how the ETH markets will benefit from this risk management tool worldwide.

The covered future contracts are based on the ETH / USD exchange rate and run optionally per month, or quarterly File

ETH as the second largest cryptocurrency in the world

The crypto annoyance Ethereum (ETH) was in the year 2013 from Vitalik Buterin developed and Published in 2015. Especially in 2017, Ethereum experienced a huge increase because a large part of the cryptocurrencies created in the boom were based on Ethereum. This leads to a high demand for ETH tokens and the corresponding course explosion.

Within a few years, the currency with a market capitalization of over 20 billion US dollars was able to second largest cryptocurrency develop worldwide This year the eagerly awaited is expected Ethereum 2.0 start.


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