Warning Scam: Binance scam on Telegram

Binance DEX as an excuse

The number of fraudsters who are on Twitter and other social media platforms has felt less. But unfortunately the fraudsters are always coming up with new methods to pull the money out of their operas' pockets. Now the decentralized stock exchange of Binance (we reported) used as an excuse for fraud.

Known stitch for a long time

The official Twitter account of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin

The Scam of scammers: They pretend to be famous people (e.g. Vitalik Buterinin) of the crypto world out and pretend Ethereum or others Giving away cryptocurrencies. They offer everyone who gives them a certain amount Ethereum sends that 5-10 times the amount of the same cryptocurrency. In order to appear "more serious", this only applies to the first 100 people. Carelessly, many fall for this trick, which costs many people their hard-earned money and casts a bad light on the crypto world. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of cryptocurrency Ethereum, has already changed his name on Twitter "Vitalik Buterin - not giving away Ethereum" and currently too "Vitalik Non-giver of Ether".

Fraudsters imitate Binance on Telegram

The latest highlight the scammer: she give themselves up as official Binance Account with the popular messenger software Telegram out. They pretend Giving away 10.000 bitcoins. The But mesh is the same as before: around the Launch of the new DEX to celebrate would be celebrated with a giveaway of 10.000 bitcoins. All you have to do is send a certain amount of bitcoins - and you get five times the amount of bitcoins back.

Meanwhile, Binance reacts quickly to ambiguities as usual. On their official Twitter account, they make it clear: "We became aware that some fake telegram groups are currently pretending to be the official Binance group. Our official telegram is https://t.me/binanceexchange. All other official groups are listed here https: //www.binance .com / contactUsCn.html # telegrams. Share this with your friends and community to warn them. "

Already in February there was a warning against the rip-offs with the Binance scam: "Currently, fraudsters pretend to be Binance and offer gifts for a transfer. If you make this transfer, you will lose your tokens! Binance will never ask you for a transfer to any address!"

Always look twice!

Should something sound too good to be true: always double check and first think a few minutes whether it could be fraud. The fraudsters are often very tactical and do everything they can to make them look real and serious. Unfortunately, these will not stop as long as the scams work. The latest Binance scam by the scamer shows that this always new ideas to have! So: Open your eyes and always look twice!


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