Payout stop at OKEx: Bitcoin and OKB rate with losses

The situation on the financial market remains tense. And because the crypto market seems to be colluding with the traditional stock market as far as the course of the courses is concerned, there are currently no major price jumps in the major crypto currencies. Except when there are new reports of hacked exchanges or a halt to payouts at one of the large exchanges, as was the case a few hours ago.

Uncertainty among investors leads to losses in Bitcoin (BTC)

There is still great uncertainty in the crypto market as to which direction the market will take in the coming weeks and months. Will there be a big crash? Are we facing the golden bullrun? Much of it will, willy-nilly, depend on the upcoming US elections. However, the events that have occurred in recent weeks do not bode well. Because authorities seem to be targeting more and more exchanges that offer trading in crypto currencies.

Last night rumors surfaced that OKEx was involved in a money laundering scandal. These rumors have not (yet) been confirmed. The OKEx statement states that one of the "private key holders" is currently in negotiations with the authorities. Was one of the highest officials arrested? According to OKEx, there is currently no contact with the employee mentioned.

Withdrawals are currently not possible, which is causing panic for many investors. As a result of the news, the Bitcoin price also collapsed briefly, from USD 11,550 to USD 11,235. At the time of going to press, the price has rebounded to currently $ 11,325. The following graphic clearly shows the time when the message about the payment stop at OKEx was announced:

Also OKB with a 12% loss

The news about OKEx had an impact on the in-house crypto currency OKB - clearly negative. Within the last 24 hours, the price of the cryptocurrency collapsed by almost 12%, which can be attributed to the ongoing research.


According to OKEx, there is no reason to be upset. Investors' funds should continue to be safe. Here is the official statement:


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