Bitfinex removes 87 trading pairs!

During the big bull run in 2017, so many cryptocurrencies emerged within a very short period of time that even experts had lost track of them at some point. Not hundreds, but thousands of currencies flooded the market. Exchanges tried to list as many virtual currencies as possible, because this brought advantages for both parties: a listing on a well-known stock exchange like Binance meant a price increase, which was associated with more financial resources of the founders. The listing also had a great advantage for Exchanges.

Lack of liquidity as the cause

Because exchanges demand for trading in cryptocurrencies. The listing of a cryptocurrency lured new user on and thus more sales. But the Bullrun came to an end and has not really been started again until today. Because still are many cryptocurrencies exceed 90% of their all-time high away. This also means that exchanges make less sales and feel compelled, some Remove trading pairs or even list cryptos.

Likewise Bitfinex is one of the largest stock exchanges among those who take such measures. Yesterday it was announced that overall 87 trading pairs be removed from the stock exchange. The cause is one lack of liquidity cited. Consequently, it is supposed to become a improved liquidity of the remaining couples and come with a better user experience. Open orders will be canceled on March 26th.

  • The following pairs will be no longer against Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) traded:

Dether (DTH / BTC), (DTH / ETH)
Bancor (BNT / BTC), (BNT / ETH)
SingularityNET (AGI / BTC), (AGI / ETH)
Request (REQ / BTC), (REQ / ETH)
WePower (WPR / BTC), (WPR / ETH)
SingularDTV (SNG / BTC), (SNG / ETH)
Ripio Credit Network (RCN / BTC), (RCN / ETH)
Polymath (POY / BTC), (POY / ETH)
Raiden Network (RDN / BTC), (RDN / ETH)
Storj (STJ / BTC), (STJ / ETH)
Zillinqa (ZIL / BTC), (ZIL / ETH)
SpankChain (SPK / BTC), (SPK / ETH)
0chain (ZCN / BTC), (ZCN / ETH)
Aventus (AVT / BTC), (AVT / BTC).

  • The following pairs will be no longer against Ethereum (ETH) traded:

Dragonchain (DRN / ETH)
Monolith (TKN / ETH)
Essentia (ESS / ETH)
Hydro Protocol (HOT / ETH)
Content Neutrality Network (CNN / ETH)
MobileGO (MGO / ETH)
Melon (MLN / ETH)
Rate3 (RTE / ETH)
POA Network (POA / ETH)
Waltonchain (WTC / ETH)
Medicalchain (MTN / ETH)
CommerceBlock (CBT / ETH)
Sentient Coin (SEN / ETH)
iExec (RLC / ETH)
Ether Kingdoms Token (IMP / ETH)
ORS Group (ORS / ETH)
Enjin Coin (ENJ / ETH)
Internet node token (INT / ETH)
AirSwap (AST / ETH)
Edge (DADI / ETH)
Xriba (XRA / ETH)
VeChain (VET / ETH)
Loopring (LRC / ETH)
Aion (AIO / ETH)
Kyber Network (KNC / ETH)
Swarm (SWM / ETH)
Gnosis (GNO / ETH)
Decentraland (MANA / ETH)
Qtum (QTM / ETH)
Upfiring (UFR / ETH).

  • The following pairs will be no longer against Bitcoin (BTC) traded:

Cortex (CTX / BTC)
Fusion (FSN / BTC)
Mithril (MITH / BTC)
Aelf (ELF / BTC)
Seer (SEE / BTC)
Project Pai (PAI / BTC)
Cindicator (CND / BTC)
Recovery Right Token (RRT / BTC)
Auctus (AUC / BTC)
FunFair (FUN / BTC).

  • The following pairs will be no longer against Tether (USDT) traded:

Gatechain Token (GTX / USDt)
Eg Token (ZB / USDt)
Dragon Token (DT / USDt).

The cryptocurrency Verge (XVG), which is mainly due to scandals like the "partnership"with Pornhub (including promotional video) is no longer traded for euros and British pounds.



Photo credit: | CC0