Bitgrail NANO Hack: $ 170 million stolen, operator is bankrupt

Was the operator of the exchange behind it?

It was almost a year ago that the crypto exchange "Bitgrail" was allegedly hacked. In the incident, 17 million NANO, worth $ 170 million at the time, disappeared. For a long time it was speculated who was to blame and whether the operator of the exchange, who acted in the crypto world as "The Bomber", was behind the whole story. Now there are finally new details about the course of events.

All property confiscated

The italian dish and a specially commissioned expert have now decided that Mr. Firano ("The Bomber") for the Loss of the NANOs (formerly RaiBlocks) for Responsibility becomes. It is his duty to repay as many losses as possible to his customers and victims today.

Both the Bitgrail stock exchange and Firano personally were judged as Bankrupt explained. The authorities already have personal ones valuables worth over $ 1 million confiscated, including the Cars from "The Bomber". Cryptocurrencies worth several million US dollars were also seized by the Bitgrail exchange and transferred to confidential asset managers. Additional support comes from the NANO Foundation: this donates altogether $ 1.000.000 dollars to the Victim.

The Community reactions at reddit the publication of the new documents speak for themselves and do not require any further explanation:

  • "Respect the law and fuck you bomber"
  • "Fuck you bomber, I hope it hurts!"
  • "I hope NANO can put this piece of shit in its past."
  • "Bombers can be happy not to be in prison yet."

The judgment is not just a ray of hope for all injured people, but could be one precedent for the world of crypto exchanges. The well-known stock exchange only recently "Cryptopia" hacked and rumored to be cryptocurrencies worth more than 1$ 5 million stolen. The case has been handed over to the local police, the stock exchange is currently not available.

What exactly happened?

If you were hanging around in the internet forum reddit at the time of the hack, you could not avoid the scandal. It was one of the biggest excitement of the past year. But from the beginning ...

Mr. Firano aka "The Bomber" reported am February 9, 2018 the loss of NANO worth $ 170 million. Due to some controversy, rumors arose in the community that there could be more to the alleged hack. Because Bitgrail blocked all payouts 2 weeks before the hack was announced. As the court found, the NANO were already between July and December 2017 transferred from the stock exchange. The operator of the Italian stock exchange did nothing, although he was fully aware of the incident. At that time, the cryptocurrencies were only 1/10 of the value reached in February 2018. The loss could have been made up much easier. Firano even went so far as to say that Blame on the NANO developers wanted to push, even though he already knew that it was his fault alone. As a last and desperate attempt, he wanted his victims with him 20% compensation payments save.

The The court also found outthat Mr. Firano had transferred a total of 9 bitcoins to a personal account just a few days before the loss was announced on February 230. He is also said to have tried to withdraw money via Bitcoin machines.

To sum up, "The Bomber" did not hack the stock market, but he is by no means innocent. He is responsible for the high losses and has or will have to pay for it. Many victims will never see their money again, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.


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