After $ 500 million hack: Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck hacked and userdata stolen

Hacked exchanges, wallets and scammers are unfortunately part of everyday business on the crypto market. But the japanese Bitcoin exchange Coincheck has got hit hard particularly. The exchange was hacker in January 2018 and $ XNUMX million were stolen. Now the exchange reports again of an incident on May XNUMX, in which user data was stolen.

Coincheck Hack: Personal data stolen from 200 users

In addition to the legendary hacking attack by the Bitcoin exchange MtGox, in which 850.000 Bitcoin (BTC) were stolen, the attack on the Japanese exchange is one of the best known and most fatal. A total of $ 500 million in cryptocurrencies were captured, mostly in the form of NEM tokens. For many hackers, this seems to be an opportunity to also launch an attack on the crypto exchange.

Unfortunately, these attacks are not always unsuccessful. Like Coincheck reported on Tuesday, June XNUMXnd, XNUMX they were again the victim of a successful hacker attack that exploited a security hole in the system. In total, personal data such as name, address, date of birth, telephone number and email from XNUMX customers are said to have been stolen. This affects users who sent an email request to Coincheck between May XNUMX and June XNUMX.

Deposits temporarily suspended

Until the situation is fully resolved, Coincheck has decided to temporarily stop deposits. Trading in cryptocurrencies and withdrawals are still available. There is no information in the press release about stolen cryptocurrencies. This gives reason to hope that this time the attack was at least limited to user data.

Coincheck shares the suffering of hacker attacks with many other exchanges. In November 2019, the Bitcoin exchange Upbit was cracked and a total of 342,000 Ethereum (ETH) with a value of more than $ 48 million at the time were stolen:

UpBit crypto exchange hacked and 342.000 Ethereum stolen!


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