After Binance's success: Poloniex also presents its own IEO platform


ICOs disappeared as quickly as they came. An unimaginable hype and dizzying price increases attracted many new investors. But the majority burned the finders after their coins and tokens lost 90% and more in value. IEOs, Initial Exchange Offerings, became the next great hope in the search for optimal investments. After Binance celebrated great success with its launchpad, other exchanges want to follow suit.

Payment with Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency

One of these exchanges is Poloniex. Founded in 2014 and based in the Seychelles (Polo Digital Assets), you want to share in the success of the Binance launchpads follow up, which started over a year ago. Like the team on Twitter communicates, one becomes with the so-called "LaunchBase" a in-house platform start for IEOs:


The first project has already been announced. The decentralized lending platform JUST will that first project of the Poloniex LaunchBase. Users can change their TRX tokens using the CDP (collateralized debt position) Portals from JUST stak to USDJ to generate. The USDJ is a stablecoin that 1: 1 in USD is bound. Further projects are to follow, in close cooperation with the community and industry partners "quality cryptocurrencies" presented and offered from all over the world.

As with Binance, the new projects can only bought with selected cryptocurrencies will. In case of LaunchBase Platform it will be the TRX cryptocurrency be invested with. No other options are currently available. Further details on the platform are to be announced in the next few days.

The well-known Bitfinex exchange presented its own IEO platform last year Tokinex.



Photo credit: | CC0