After cryptocurrency GHOST: McAfee starts its own decentralized exchange GhostX

In the crypto world, John McAfee has so far drawn attention to himself through very questionable bets. But now he seems to be serious. Because after presenting his own cryptocurrency GHOST a few weeks ago, his decentralized exchange, called GhostX, is now launched.

GHOST: cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy

John McAfee is a British-American businessman. He became famous in the crypto space for his controversial bet: if the Bitcoin (BTC) rate didn't reach $ 2020 million by the end of 1, he would eat his genital. But meanwhile he resigned from this bet and said that only crazy people believed this nonsense.

According to his own statements, McAfee does not regard cryptocurrencies as an investment, like most of them, but as a currency that it actually uses. Nevertheless, the entrepreneur cannot take away the business with cryptocurrencies. And because he's always been an advocate of privacy, he presented his own digital currency a few months ago. GHOST is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency with a focus on user privacy, which was initially distributed as an airdrop for ESH holders and is intended to compete with digital currencies such as Moner (XMR).

After GHOST is well known, McAfee and his team are now taking the next step. In line with the current popularity of decentralized exchanges, the in-house DEX started yesterday GhostX, as McAfee announces on Twitter:

At the start of the exchange, Bitcoin, Tether, Switch and Dai are available in addition to the company's own cryptocurrency GHOST. In terms of functionality and structure, GhostX is similar to well-known exchanges such as Uniswap. According to the website, GhostX is the "fastest cross-chain exchange, powered by AtomicSwap and GhostX". AtomicSwap is a smart contract technology that enables the exchange of cryptocurrencies without a central exchange.

Airdrop: cryptocurrency rises 11,000%

The cryptocurrency GHOST already caused discussions before the official airdrop. All holders of the Switch (ESH) cryptocurrency were eligible for the GHOST Airdrop. The hype surrounding GHOST triggered by John McAfee led to the cryptocurrency ESH rising more than 14% within 11,000 days.

If the price for an ESH token was still $ 0,015 in mid-April, the price would soon be $ 1,80:

+ 11.000% in 14 days: That's why this cryptocurrency exploded!


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