Bitcore: Buy cryptocurrencies with up to 20% price advantage

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What does Bitkern offer?

Due to the temporary decrease in hype around the crypto market and the fall in prices, it also became an issue Mining calmer. But that does not mean that mining is no longer carried out - on the contrary. Creative entrepreneurs are working on making the topic even more attractive with new ideas. Such as Bit core, a company from Austria, which Buying cryptocurrencies with a unique price advantage allows.

Bit core offers one so far unique solution, which enables its customers to benefit indirectly from the mining market. In contrast to conventional models, no computing power is acquired, but rather that Coins are with a unique price advantage of up to 20% compared to the conventional market price bought directly from Bitkern.

In so-called mining, new units of different cryptocurrencies are generated using powerful hardware and computing-intensive processes under the respective technical or mathematical requirements. These cryptocurrencies can be used with a unique Price advantage of up to 20% compared to the conventional market price from Bitkern Mining GmbH. Thus, the customer can indirectly participate in the mining of cryptocurrencies.

How can I benefit from Bitkern?

Because some topics in the field of cryptocurrencies are complex, Bitkern has created a beautiful, clear and understandable video about the function of the investment opportunity:

What profit can I expect?

You can find out what price advantage you can expect from the specially developed calculator, which clearly shows non-binding historical examples with real-time data. The possibility of setting a scenario of how the crypto market could develop in the near future is particularly interesting. The profits will be adjusted accordingly.


Wie der Yield compared to big competitors can look on the market is shown in the following overview:

Bitkern attaches great importance to transparency, which unfortunately is not always a matter of course in the crypto world. The customer will no longer be charged or deducted - 100% of the mini income goes to the customer. (Operating costs already included in the down payment). However, complete transparency is not the only benefit that Bitkern customers enjoy.

What are the advantages of Bitkern?


Bitkern is no longer a stranger in German-speaking countries. Pulse4, one of the largest Austrian TV channels, beamed one Video report about cryptocurrency mining and Bit core out. To the full video you get over this link.

If you want to learn more about Bitkern, you get all the information on the official website.



Photo credits: Bitkern Consulting GmbH