How To: Send Bitcoins

Instructions for sending cryptocurrencies (bitcoins)

In this simple step-by-step guide, we show you how to send bitcoins (for example, from Coinbase to Binance). The principle is always the same: Send bitcoins from one wallet address to another bitcoin wallet address.

In our case we send Bitcoins from Coinbase to Binance! The structure of the exchanges, the names and terms differ mostly only minimally and therefore the instructions are suitable for all exchanges. If you are unsure or afraid of doing something wrong, we will be happy to help you personally. Telegram: @Crypto buddy or by mail

1. Log in to the exchange and find the Bitcoin address

  • At the stock exchange of your choice log in
  • Go to the menu item  "FUNDS"
  • Now choose the submenu "BALANCES"
  • If you can't find Bitcoin, give up "BTC" in the search (as in the photo)
  • If you found Bitcoin, click on the right "DEPOSIT" (in German: deposit, so this is your deposit address where you send the BTC)

2. Copy the Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address

If you clicked "DEPOSIT" (deposit), one opens new overviewthat you guys Bitcoin BTC wallet address displays. This consists of lower and upper case letters and numbers. You can see how such an address can look in the graphic below.

It is best to copy the given address into a Word document. Always double checkwhether you copied everything correctly! If you send your bitcoins to the wrong address, you have no claim for reimbursement!

3. Log in to the second exchange (in our case Coinbase)

Next, log in to the account from which you want to send your BTC.

  • Select the menu item "ACCOUNTS"
  • Search in the left column at "YOUR ACCOUNTS" out the bitcoin wallet
  • Click on  "SEND"

4. Send Bitcoins from Coinbase to the Binance Wallet address

  • in The Field "RECEIVER" enter the Bitcoin address to which you want to send your Bitcoins
  • In our case: enter the Bitcoin wallet address of your Binance account
  • The process can take from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the network load. Then you should have your bitcoins at Binance and you can exchange them for many other coins and tokens such as IOTA, Ripple or VeChain.

Finished! We hope this guide has helped you!


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