“Espiota” prepares machines for payment with IOTA

IOTA is one of the most well-known projects on the crypto market and was created especially for a large purpose: the M2M (Machine-2-Machine) payment. While many large companies such as Bosch and VW have already shown interest in the cryptocurrency, private developers are also working on ways to use IOTA in real life. One of these uses could be Espiota.

Pay for air conditioning with IOTA

During Course of the course by IOTA for no jumps of joy should worry investors ...

... the project continues to develop. But new ideas and projects come not only from IOTA itself, but also from private inventors. One of these experts is Christian Oosting, who works as a software developer in Hamburg. With his latest project "Espiota" he presents a device which IOTA payments for machines. Espiota is based on that ESP32. This is a microcontrollers you can built-in WiFi.

But this has been according to statements by Oosting too complex and need knowledge in software development to be used and installed. His idea: to deliver the device with preinstalled software, which only has to be connected and configured in a simple way, without any knowledge of software development. The result: Espiota. Electrically powered machines are triggered using Espiota as soon as a payment is recognized. For the Communication with the IOTA network and the establishment use Espiota WiFi. The device could then look like this:

Source: https://medium.com/@chroosting/espiota-a-configurable-device-enabling-iota-payments-for-machines-1ef36761ad83

As an application example, Oosting describes the so-called "Pay for time" Concept. This could be used in the hotel industry. The owner defines a certain time period (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks) and the amount of MIOTA required for this. That could be, for example, 10 MIOTA for 24-hour use of the air conditioning. If the guest now pays 10 MIOTA to the IOTA address specified by the owner, Espiota automatically activates the air conditioning for 24 hours.

More options like "Pay for action" should still follow.

If you want to know more details about the development of the device, you can find the here Medium contribution by Christian Oosting.


Photo credit: pixabay.com | CC0

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