Intel, Nokia, Orange: Global Industry Association TM Forum uses IOTA Tangle for the Mega Catalyst project

While the crypto market is currently focusing on the DeFi hype, the rest of the market is also continuously developing. The IOTA team can now look forward to a new use of the IOTA Tangle. Because the TM Forum, a global industrial association for communication and digital services, uses IOTA Tangle for its latest project.

Mega Catalyst combines three individual projects

IOTA is one of the cryptocurrencies that can boast of many partnerships and possible uses of the economy. Developed as the currency for the machine-2-machine economy, developers and industries around the world could learn to appreciate the benefits of cryptocurrency and implement it in their applications.

There are no limits to the possibilities. Be it Solving the waste problem in big cities, the transparent one Traceability of clothing or developing one digital health passport.

As has now become known, the global industry association for communication and digital solutions TM Forum also uses the IOTA Tangle. The forum consists of 850 members, including the ten largest telecommunications service providers worldwide. Members generate total annual sales in excess of $ 2 trillion USD. The Mega Catalyst project combines a total of three individual so-called catalysts:

  • AI driven business assurance for 5G
  • Vertical Industry Telcos: a Federated DLT-based Marketplace
  • Digital Business Marketplace III - Delivering end-to-end multi-partner Industry 4.0, now! - Phase III

The union of these three Catalysts should result in new solutions for Industry 4.0, by finding out how they can work together optimally. This should result in a structured and secure approach for all members of the TM Forum. Because previous solutions are anything but promising, like TM Forum in one Blog Post announces:

So far, the intelligent solutions from Industry 4.0 were tailor-made, expensive, brittle and susceptible to cyber crime. The business expectation (according to digital consumers) is to be able to buy, use and manage anything-as-a-service on smartphones, safely and securely. Therefore, a highly automated and repeatable approach is required.

IOTA Tangle for data recording

For one of the three Catalysts, "Vertical Industry Telcos: a Federated DLT-based Marketplace ", the TM Forum uses the IOTA Tangle for an unchangeable, trustworthy data record. The data of the IOTA Tangle, together with other relevant data of the participating companies, are then extracted by R3 Corda and the "AI driven business assurance catalyst" transmitted.


With the knowledge of the Mega Catalyst project, secure, end-to-end solutions for Industry 4.0 are to be developed, both hardware and software. In addition to IOTA, the best-known participants include Intel, Accenture, Nokia, T-Mobile and Orange.


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