To Europe: how IOTA now wants to conquer the USA

In addition to Bitcoin, IOTA is one of the best-known cryptocurrencies and is ranked 16th in terms of market capitalization. The innovative ledger is intended to revolutionize economic sectors such as supply chain management. IOTA does not have to hide from the partnerships: the team now works with large corporations such as Bosch and Volkswagen. However, there is always criticism from the community that IOTA is only known in German-speaking countries and that the breakthrough overseas will therefore not succeed. But as the IOTA team has just announced, it will now focus more on the North American region and push ahead with the adaptation of the cryptocurrency.

IOTA Meetups in New York, Austin and Chicago

Unlike many crypto projects that focus on the first time Marketing focus, IOTA focuses on the Technology zu perfect. After the technology becomes more and more mature and even one Test network without coordinator has started, you will be on the North American area focus and thus drive the adaptation beyond the German-speaking area. On Twitter, IOTA announces that the founder, Dominik Schiener, will organize 3 IOTA Meetups in North America.

In the official Blog entry with the title "IOTA: Welcome to America"The team describes that a strategy for expanding into America has been developed in recent months. Team executives and on-site consultants in Chicago, Calgary, Los Angeles, Orlando and other regions have been appointed to implement the plans. The IOTA Team has been up in recent years 100 employees grown in more than 20 countries operate worldwide. The confidence of an adaptation of IOTA is clearly emphasized in the article:

The work of the Foundation is dynamic and fruitful. The future of the IOTA protocol looks very promising and could one day meet the expectations for blockchain technology.

Partnership with ATX Transportation

Already one day before the IOTA Meetup in Austin there is positive news from America. On Twitter, the ATX Transportation (Austin Transportation Department) has announced that it will use the IOTA token to bring the future of mobility to Austin. Further details will be presented at the event on April 29th.

Guest speakers from the city of Austin and Dominik Schiener will speak on site. Become together Details about the progress cooperation between IOTA and the city of Austin. The potential of technology, smart cities and prospects for the future are also discussed. The event can accommodate 350 people.

The Austin Transportation Department is responsible for a number of transportation, mobility, and security functions in the community. In cooperation with many partners, a network is made available that is compatible with all age groups. Austin is the 11th largest city in the United States in terms of population with one million inhabitants.


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