crypto credit card now available in Europe!

A few days ago we reported on the Partnership between and the e-commerce provider Ecwid. Now the company is presenting the next big milestone: the crypto credit cards are now being delivered to Europe. A total of 31 new countries are to be supplied.

Available in Europe after Asia and USA

The credit card was officially introduced in 2018, starting with Singapore. Due to its great popularity and success, the company was able to continuously expand availability to other nations. As announced in a blog post, the map to Asia and the United States of America is now also available for selected regions in Europe. With the expansion, the credit card becomes world's best available credit card.

Germany, Switzerland and Austria will also have access to the card in the future. The following 31 nations can look forward to the crypto credit card:

  • UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia , Greece, Estonia, Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg.

This corresponds to a potential target group of over 570 million people - even if, of course, not everyone is interested in the topic. Thousands of EU citizens have already pre-ordered the card, according to the press release.

Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder and CEO of, already predicts the upcoming conquest of the world of his cards:

Our user-friendly app serves as a central control point for all crypto-finance needs. Once the cards are paired with the app, users can buy, sell, and get instant credits on cryptocurrencies. With the increasing support of other Fiat currencies, our cards will position themselves better to conquer the world.

You can access the official press release and the complete statement via this link: MCO Visa Card Now Shipping in Europe


Photo credit: | CC0