The End of Horizon State (HST)

During the big bull run in 2017, one project after another sprang up. It should now be clear to every investor that not everyone will survive. With Horizon State, it has now hit another project from the crypto space that will end its project.

Insider trading before the project officially ends?

Horizon State was before founded two years ago with the aim of establishing a new voting system based on the blockchain in Australia. But now the project has ended again, as the team announced on Monday, August 19, 2019. To 24 months of hard work you have a heavy heart to take this step determined:

With a heavy heart we decided to close our doors. While we are not allowed to reveal any details for the causes, we are happy to announce that it has nothing to do with our business.

As Cause becomes a current Australian Gerichtsverfahren cited. The estimated cost to win the case are like this high, that an appeal is irrevocable insolvency of the company. However, the team claims to have tried every possible way to avoid this step - without success.

This is one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make in our lives, but we have no options to continue this fight.

But what would the completion of the project be without one bland aftertaste? How Internet users found out Insider trading operated with the project's token. Because already Hours before the announcementg of termination the course fell the cryptocurrency HST by 20%.

The "Decision Token (HST)" named token from Horizon State lost in the last 24h at the time of going to press more than 50% of its value.

The official website has even been taken offline.



Photo credit: | CC0