Not a fan of XRP: McAfee explains the importance of cryptocurrencies and calls XRP “worthless”

With GHOST, John McAfee not only presented his own cryptocurrency, but also GhostX, his own decentralized exchange. After recently explaining what he uses cryptocurrencies for, he released a video today describing the great benefits of digital assets. The entrepreneur shouldn't be a big friend of cryptocurrencies like XRP.

Cryptocurrencies with many advantages

John McAfee, founder of McAfee antivirus software, is one of the most controversial faces in the crypto market. He made sure to pay special attention with the following bet: If the Bitcoin (BTC) rate did not reach $ 2020 million by the end of 1, he would eat his own genital. But meanwhile he resigned from this bet and said that only crazy people believed this nonsense.

McAfee believes in the big business with cryptocurrencies, which he claims does not use cryptocurrencies as an investment but only as a means of payment. It was not for nothing that he presented his own decentralized exchange in addition to his own cryptocurrency. In his latest video Twitter he explains to his community why cryptocurrencies are so important:

  • Permissionless: Transferring cryptocurrencies from A to B does not require an instance like a bank, the transfer takes place directly from wallet A to wallet B.
  • Trustless: When transferring cryptocurrencies, you do not have to rely on a bank or other money transfer service provider, but only on the computing processes of the computers
  • Slavery through fiat currencies: McAfee sees slavery in the use of fiat currencies like the USD. Because without the use of the currency specified by the government, one cannot buy anything
  • Anywhere: Cryptocurrencies can be sent worldwide, completely independently. All the two parties need is a wallet

The application of cryptocurrencies and their advantages are certainly not without the self-interest of the controversial entrepreneur. His popularity and more than a million followers on Twitter should contribute a large part to the hype of his cryptocurrency GHOST and thus to future price increases. He closes the video with the words "Please google for privacy coins and expand your life"Its cryptocurrency GHOST is self-explanatory, a cryptocurrency with a focus on private transactions.

McAfee calls XRP "worthless"

McAfee may not be a big friend of some cryptocurrencies, such as XRP. When a user asked the entrepreneur in the comments about his opinion about the 4th largest cryptocurrency in the world, Mcafee merely replied with: "wertlos". However, he still owes the explorer an explanation.

Another XRP fan points out to McAfee that large companies like MoneyGram are already using XRP for their services. The entrepreneur disagrees and answers: "No, they don't. Wake up damn it!"According to official sources, MoneyGram is a partner of the blockchain company Ripple and uses XRP for some on-demand liquidity corridors for faster and cheaper transfers.

McAfee uses its attention to build the GHOST ecosystem. After the cryptocurrency had attracted a lot of attention, the decentralized exchange GhostX has been available for a few days now:

After cryptocurrency GHOST: McAfee starts its own decentralized exchange GhostX


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