UTRUST (UTK) and WordPress: More acceptance of cryptocurrencies with a new plug-in for online shops

Utrust is a relatively small project with a $ 12 million market cap. But that could change quickly with the latest news and the cryptocurrency Utrust with the token UTK catapulted up in the ranking. Because, as the team confirmed today, the Utrust plug-in is now available for WooComerce customers.

More than 30% of all online shops are operated with WordPress

Like UTRUST announced in a blogpost, they are celebrating a huge success today. Because WordPress customers all over the world who use the WooCommerce plug-in for their online shop can now offer their customers payment with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin with the Utrust payment Plug-In. According to the message, more than XNUMX% of all online shops worldwide are operated with WordPress, WooComerce is used by XNUMX% of the top XNUMX e-commerce sites. In total, more than XNUMX million online shop operators worldwide use the WooCommerce plug-in.

The UTRUST Plug-In has now been officially approved by WordPress and can therefore be downloaded and installed by shop operators. By eliminating a middleman, the plug-in should convince with particularly low fees. With a guaranteed fee of 1%, this is 80% below the usual amount. The money will be transferred to the bank account within minutes, regardless of the location of the operator. As the name of the project suggests, UTRUST will guarantee complete security.

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC), you can also pay with Ethereum (ETH) or the Utrust Token (UTK).

CEO Sanja Kon sees the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in online shops as extremely important to arrive in the mainstream:

“If we want to ensure adoption of digital currencies, we need to be everywhere. We want every merchant, big or small, to be able to take advantage of the tremendous value of digital currencies. This is why it’s so important for us to empower any merchant with a Woocommerce store to start using Utrust in under 2 minutes, directly from the Wordpress plugin directory. We want our service to feel like a part of day-to-day life, and this helps us achieve that.”

For shop operators who want to enable their customers to pay in the form of cryptocurrencies, no knowledge of cryptocurrency or blockchain is required. Except for the integration of the plug-in and a Utrust Merchant Account, everyday business remains as usual.

UTRUST (UTK) rises more than 35%

While the entire crypto market has to recover from yesterday's crash, when Bitcoin slipped to $ 9,200 USD within a very short time, the price of UTRUST (UTK) rose significantly as a result of the news. At the beginning of the day, the price was just over $ 0,02 USD, a few hours later it is currently at $ 0,028 USD. Despite the significant increase, however, like so many cryptocurrencies, the price is still far from the all-time high. Because on January 10, 2018, one UTK was traded for $ 1,30 USD.

Source: Worldcoinindex.com


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