No kidding: VISA is buying CryptoPunks NFT for $ 150,000 USD

Today is not April 1st, even if at first glance the headline suggests a joke. VISA, the financial services company headquartered in California with sales of more than $ 21 billion in 2020, is entering the NFT market. To get started, the group acquired a well-known CryptoPunk for a mere $ 150,000 USD. Further purchases cannot be ruled out, as VISA is extremely positive towards the NFT market.

Cryptopunk #7610

As the crypto market continues to rise and new record prices are expected, there is additional, positive news. Because none other than the financial services provider VISA is making headlines all over the world on Monday. As the company announced in a tweet, the company acquired a very well-known NFT, the Cryptopunk # 7610. There are a total of 10,000 pieces of the pixelated punks.

In the tweet it says:

Over the past 60 years, VISA has built up a collection of historical artifacts - from early paper credit cards to Zipp-Zapp machines. Today we are entering a new era of NFTs and we can welcome CryptoPunk # 7610 to our collection.

The NFT paid a lot for VISA: more than $ 150,000 USD (49,5 ETH) the company paid to the unknown seller. With the price increase of Ethereum in the last few hours, this sum even rises again to $ 165,000 USD.


VISA sees future potential in the NFT market

It seems that there is more than just a purchase behind this acquisition for VISA. Because the company sees great future potential in the NFT market and published in connection with the announcement of the acquisition of the CryptoPunk PDF with all important information about NFT. Cup Sheffield is Head of Crypto at Visa and an avid NFT collector himself. In one Interview with Forbes he says:

We believe that NFTs will play a very important role in the future of retail and social media, entertainment and advertising.

The reactions from the Twitter community are clear. There is great amazement at the purchase. Not only about the very surprising fact that Visa is acquiring a CryptoPunk, but above all about the amount of the sum. Because what distinguishes an NFT from a copied image file is still difficult to understand, even for many people in the crypto sector. But as with many new things, there is also great skepticism here - until the real benefit becomes apparent.



Photo credit: | CC0