Anonymous file storage: Opacity presents version 1.0!

Opacity already has an exciting past: after Bruno Block had carried out an exit scam with a project then called "Oyster Pearl", the remaining members founded "Opacity". The team is now proving once again that the team is more motivated than ever and that the former founder of the project was just a scamer.

Anonymous data storage without personal data

The goal of Opacity (OPQ) is to make data storage on the blockchain suitable for the masses. This should succeed through innovative technologies, data plans or the in-house cryptocurrency OPQ. The team started at the beginning of March various plans for data storage on the blockchain. Jason Coppola now presents the final in an official press release dated June 05, 2019 Version 1.0 of Opacity. The company wants to convince with a simple user interface and the payment system with the OPQ token.

The biggest advantage is that Anonymity of data storage. An email address, name, payment information or similar personal data is never required. In times of increasing importance of data protection and increasingly necessary KYC procedures (Know-Your-Customer) an important aspect. The currently available plan offers 128 GB memory, which can be paid with OPQ tokens. The service is then available to every customer 1 year to disposal. On Price will interessanterweis to not known. Just that there will also be a plan in the future 1 TB spoker will give.

Jason Coppola, CEO at Opacity, is convinced of his project:

Our product represents a new era in online data protection. Our customers are very interested in protecting their data on the Internet and protecting it. There are very few crypto companies that reach this level of simplicity. Anyone who is familiar with traditional storage options will be able to use our interface and start straight away. I am pleased to be able to advance the adaptation of cryptocurrencies as a private means of payment and to act as a leader in this area.

According to the website Sollenau 100 GB of storage converted to $ 0,07 cost annually. That actually seems a little bit to us and we assume that these prices will be adjusted.


Photo credit: | CC0