After Litecoin partnership: Atari on the way to becoming a crypto and blockchain pioneer with further cooperation

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After Atari presented the collaboration with the Litecoin (LTC) Foundation in May, one wants to dive even deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain with a new collaboration. Together with the blockchain company Unikrn, they want to advance the adoption of the in-house Atari token and obtain the expertise of Unikrn.

Integration of the Atari token into the Unikrn ecosystem

The consumer electronics manufacturer Atari is showing increasing interest in blockchain technology. After developing your own token and partnering with the Litecoin Foundation, the next step now follows.

As the company announced in a press release, one would like to use the cooperation with the e-sports blockchain company Unikrn to develop each other in the field. Unikrn already offers an ecosystem in which users can shop, play and bet with cryptocurrencies. The integration of the Atari token in the platform is intended to promote the adoption of the digital asset. The Atari Token is distributed by Atari Chain Ltd, a Gibraltar-based company of Atari and the ICICB Group.

Atari seems to want to stay ahead of its competitors in the entertainment industry when it comes to crypto and blockchain. The second partnership with a blockchain company within a very short time underscores this goal, as Atari CEO Fred Chesnais also announced in the press release:

"Today we have another important partnership to support Atari's path into the cryptocurrency and blockchain-based entertainment industry. Unikrn's growing ecosystem will offer Atari token holders significant added value and value while incorporating the classic Arcade brands from Atari in this ecosystem of the Unikrn community will offer extensive familiar yet new game content. "

Unique with well-known faces as investors

Through the collaboration with Atari, Unikrn has exclusive access to the Atari gaming catalog with classics such as Centipede®, PONG®, and Asteroids®. The company was founded back in 2014, when Bitcoin and blockchain weren't as influential as they are today. The company is powered by investments from well-known faces like Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcherwho also invests in other blockchain companies.

As mentioned earlier in the article, we reported on the a few weeks ago partnership between Atari and the Litecoin Foundation. The partnership allows the digital currency Litecoin to be integrated into the Atari ecosystem. For example, Ataris VCS, a PC console hybrid, will be affordable with Litecoin. As a bonus, users who pay with Litecoin receive a special discount on Atari's latest gaming and streaming console:

Litecoin (LTC) Foundation Presents Partnership With Atari Inc.


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