Bitcoin Island Malta: Peace and Protection for Crypto Investors!

Opposition party allegations

While hot in many countries about the regulation of cryptocurrencies discusses it has become quiet around Malta, the alleged dream island for Bitcoin and co. Adrian Delia, leader of the opposition party, sees this as a warning sign and believes that this approach does not conform to Malta's openness to crypto investors. Now the country commented on the allegations.

More peace and protection for investors

The Government of Malta is now commenting on Delai's accusations. In one of his Sunday speeches, he accused the government of the difficult market situation that currently prevails on the crypto market, not transparent enough with the current status of regulation deal. And that, although the country turned out to be a year ago "Bitcoin Island" designated. The parliamentary secretariat for finance and economy naturally does not leave this alone. How Several measures have already been taken in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Among other things, even by the police. Contrary to the accusations of the opposition party, one will be "peace and Protection with crypto investors"This should be achieved, among other things, through a campaign to investigate fraudulent activities on the Internet.

Exchanges move headquarters to Malta

In 2018, the island became known as a star in the crypto sky. Many exchanges chose theirs headquarters to relocate to the island. Including Binance, one of the most famous Crypto exchanges and the stock market OKEx, as well as the payment service provider BitPay. The reason: other countries made everyday business difficult for the stock exchanges and thus prevented further growth. This made Malta the so-called "Bitcoin Island" in the crypto community in 2018.

In mid-2018, Malta took the next step. It was the first country in the world to be run legal certainty for cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Parliament passed three laws, which the Regulation of cryptocurrencies provide in the country. Silvio Schembri, Malta's Junior CFO, sees the future of Malta very much positive opposite: "I am optimistic that more and more companies will choose Malta as their location. We certainly offer a system that will lead to further economic growth."


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