Official: German government is working on "blockchain strategy"

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On February 26, 2019, the German Bundestag published an answer to the minor question from MPs Frank Schäffler, Christian Dürr, Dr. Florian Toncar, another MP and the FDP parliamentary group. The official document, which deals with the topic of FinTech companies, describes, among other things, the planning and development of a "blockchain strategy".

Blockchain strategy until mid-2019

The crypto market continues to move sideways and Bitcoin is working to maintain the $ 4.000 mark. Governments around the world use this time to think about the Use and regulation of technology close. Now, at the request of other parties, the Federal Government of Germany has also commented on the current situation. By doing Documents, which was published recently, will change the current situation for a Blockchain strategy described.

When asked when the federal government plans to present its blockchain strategy and which points have already been specified, the answer is as follows:

The coalition agreement stipulates that the federal government will develop a blockchain strategy. This is currently being prepared by the leading departments of the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with the involvement of the other departments and is expected to be finalized in mid-2019. Before the blockchain strategy is adopted and published, a comprehensive online consultation process is planned, the results of which will be taken into account when developing the strategy.

The German government is therefore planning until mid 2019 their blockchain strategy finalized to have. Exactly what that means, and which points are dealt with and laid down, is not explained. According to the document, however, it should be a "comprehensive blockchain strategy" act. The strategy is developed as a result of the agreements between the CDU, CSU and SPD. These have made it their goal Germany's role as one of the leading Digitization and FinTech locations to strengthen.

While Germany is still debating, other nations are already testing the first applications of the innovative technology. Norway wants to use the IOTA Energy management of the future shape. Saudi Arabia tests together with the UAE its own cryptocurrency for cross-border payments using blockchain technology. Paraguay and Argentina recently closed one Trading goods in bitcoins from.