Japanese love Ripple (XRP): survey shows the popularity of the cryptocurrency among investors

The Japanese crypto exchange Bitmax released a survey on the popularity of specific cryptocurrencies on Wednesday. And it seems the Japanese are targeting XRP. Because not Ethereum, but XRP is in second place in the ranking, even just behind Bitcoin (BTC).

Ripple (XRP) just behind Bitcoin (BTC)

Don't finish surveyed 1.498 people on their most popular cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin (BTC) is less surprising in first place with 26% of the votes, second place is a surprise. Because, as the stock exchange announced on Twitter, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum (ETH), is not behind Bitcoin, but Ripple (XRP).

A total of 25% of respondents said that XRP (pink in the graphic) is their most popular cryptocurrency. This puts XRP only one percent behind Bitcoin (yellow). Ethereum (red) was selected by a total of 9% of the survey participants, as the following graphic shows:

Source: Bitmax

The remaining 40% are made up of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • NEM
  • Mona
  • Nano
  • Chiliz
  • and link

However, the survey results should be enjoyed with caution. The small number of cases and the influence of the respective Twitter community of the projects could lead to a falsification of the result.

Not only private investors interested in Ripple and XRP

But not only private investors are interested in Ripple and XRP, but also large institutions such as the Japanese bank SBI. The use of the technology is intended to give Japanese people access to the machines facilitate. Because with the integration of a nationally used banking app, residents could use any machine for their financial activities. It has not yet been mentioned whether XRP will play a role in transactions.

Ripple can also establish itself in other countries. A few days ago we reported on a Brazilian bank that will start integrating Ripple's cloud service, RippleNet Cloud. Especially in times of the corona pandemic, remote maintenance plays a major role in continuing the business:

Ripple presents cloud service: Brazilian bank starts integrating the new service


Markus from Kryptokumpel.de
Photo credit: pixabay.com | CC0