Ripple presents cloud service: Brazilian bank starts integrating the new service

Just two weeks ago, the blockchain company Ripple presented a new cloud solution that is intended to accelerate and simplify the integration of the Ripple network. After Ripple executives had talked to the head of the central bank of Brazil a few days ago, the first integration of the cloud service in the South American country has been announced. 

Cloud services to help during the corona pandemic

The new service, called RippleNet Cloud, is intended to help these banks continue to operate their businesses efficiently and economically, especially in difficult times like these. The new technology not only enables billing via on-demand liquidity (ODL - formerly xRapid), but is also intended to significantly simplify the integration of RippleNet. This allows financial institutions to integrate the technology faster, Ripple speaks of a shortening of integration by up to five weeks.

As the Brazilian bank "Banco Rendimento" announced yesterday, it will be the first bank worldwide to use Ripple's new cloud service, such as Cointelegraph Brazil reported. With this, the company will migrate its services to the cloud service. The bank was founded in 1992 and has been a partner of the blockchain company for more than a year.

The cloud service has the great advantage that no employees have to be personally present at the facility. Especially in times of strict travel restrictions, this is an enormous help, both for Ripple and for the customers. In addition, Ripple provides a service team that is available 24/7 for customers' concerns. If there is a technical problem, the problem can be solved quickly using the cloud service.

Amir Sarhangi, Vice President of Product at Ripple, announced in a blog post a few days ago that the Brazilian bank is not the first to use the cloud service. According to him, some of the best RippleNet customers have already switched from on-site operations to the cloud service.

Ripple is the first point of contact for banks

Ripple appears to be the first port of call for banks and other financial institutions in the crypto and blockchain market. With the unimaginable amount of cryptocurrencies, the supremacy of projects will sooner or later disappeat. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse also sees it that way as he predicted a year ago that more than XNUMX% of the tokens will disappear.

Ripple has already gained a foothold not only in Brazil (and many other countries), but especially in Japan. Japanese bank SBI recently announced plans to incorporate Ripple's technology into their ATMs. This should enable the operating costs of the machine sinks and a better customer experience:

Japanese bank SBI plans to integrate Ripple technology into ATMs


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