Daring rip-off: Beware of new fraud with Ripple (XRP)!

The crypto market is young and unregulated, which makes it attractive to many fraudsters. Newcomers who are not yet familiar with the technology of cryptocurrencies and blockchain are easy victims. And the methods used by fraudsters are becoming more and more unscrupulous. The user "Brian Torres" on YouTube is not afraid to present his face for the new "xrp2019 scam" method to the public.

Fraud shows his face on YouTube

The method of fraud is not a new one, because fraudsters have been trying to enrich themselves for a long time. On Twitter, they pretend to be well-known in the crypto market, such as Vitalik Buterin, Binance CEO CZ or Elon Musk, to appear authentic and to pull the money out of their victims' pockets. With texts like "Send us 0,1 Bitcoin and we will send you 1 Bitcoin back immediately"Or"To celebrate the day, we are giving away 100 Ethereum. Just send us 1 Ethereum and we'll give you double the amount!"They lure their victims into the trap. This may seem ridiculous to experienced users, but these methods work and people keep losing their money. This is not only a shame for people, it also casts a bad light on the cryptocurrency.

Screenshot from the scam's video

A user on YouTube (you can find the whole video below) now takes the next step and is not afraid to present his face to the public for this scam: "Today I have something incredible for you. I will take part in this competition, which is organized by Ripple."So he gives the impression that he is participating in the competition, even though the person is actually the fraudster. Full of euphoria, he demonstrates in the video how he sends 10.000 XRP to the address given. Surprised, he actually receives 100.000 XRP back, saying "a lot of people share this video and talk about it on twitter"He wants to clarify the authenticity of the competition. The website, which is linked in the description, asks the user to send at least 1.000 XRPs. In the current XRP course, this corresponds to just under $ 300 - a lot of money for some people.

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Fake comments included

Not only the video is planned from start to finish, but also the entire comment area and the likes. If you take a look at the comments, all participants are convinced of the competition. People who are not so familiar with the Internet may not assume fake accounts or have no knowledge of this option. "God bless my life! 65600 XRP in 30 seconds !! Great promotion !!" and "You're an idiot if you don't take advantage of this offer! My New Year's gift was 26 000XRP !!!"it says in the comments.

Nobody has anything to give away

A domain that was as authentic as possible was purchased so that the victims were not suspected. Unfortunately, "xrp2019.net" does not suggest fraudsters to inexperienced and gullible users. The website even runs "live transactions" that are intended to prove the return of a multiple amount of XRP. Of course, this is a fake.

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Always remember: nobody has anything to give away! And certainly not such enormous amounts. Before you take part in such a competition in which you are not sure, simply ask the community for advice or send us an email - you will certainly be helped! YouTube has not yet removed the video that has been online for more than two weeks.


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