Galaxy S10: secure storage of private keys for blockchain applications

A few weeks ago, photos appeared on the Internet for the first time showing the Samsung Galaxy S10 with an integrated wallet for cryptocurrencies. (we reported) You could see the new device of the smartphone series with the so-called "Samsung Blockchain Keystore", which is rumored to represent the wallet. On the official presentation of the new Galaxy S10, the wallet was unfortunately not mentioned in the press release Samsung's attention is drawn to a new security feature for storing its private keys for blockchain applications.

Secure storage for private keys

Samsung presented the new one yesterday Samsung Galaxy S10, the latest device in the successful Galaxy range. While many crypto fans hoped to see the integrated cryptocurrency wallet, these expectations were not met. The South Korean company also loses in the press release not a word about Bitcoin & co. However, there is a note in the official press release that could indicate future support for a wallet:

Security: The Galaxy S10 is equipped with the security system Samsung Knox, as well as with a secure, hardware-supported memory that stores your private keys for blockchain-compatible services.

After all, the topic of blockchain also seems to have reached the largest corporations in the world. Samsung is a global company, which always follows the Orient your customers' requirements got to. And even if you can hardly believe it sometimes, the majority of the population has still not dealt with the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Whether Samsung takes the step and an integrated one Wallet for cryptocurrencies will continue to offer not clear.

Even if there was nothing to see, hear or read from a wallet. However, the photos posted on Twitter give a good first glimpse into the (alleged) integrated wallet.

Other innovations of the Samsung Galaxy S10 include the one in the display integrated fingerprint scanner and the "world's first" dynamic AMOLED Display. As random access memory are available to the user 8GB available, photos and videos can be stored on the 256GB memory (basic model).

If you already want to own a so-called "blockchain smartphone", there is one Alternatives. HTC offers with the Exodus 1 a blockchain smartphone, which with the Brave Browser is delivered. The Swiss-Israeli startup Sirin Labs specializes entirely in her Blockchain smartphone, called "Finney".

Those who missed the presentation can watch the Samsung Galaxy S10 here look at.