Taxes on cryptocurrencies

Modern solutions such as from Blockpit save you calculators, pens and paper.

The Tax issue around digital currencies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can quickly cause confusion, especially for a trader. But the issue of taxes plays an important role not only for traders, but also for long-term investors or people who buy cryptocurrencies again and again using savings plans. Come in additionThe fact that the financial authorities do not publish a clearly defined presentation to classify the complex topic around trading in Bitcoin and Co. does not make it easier.

But the fact is that ignorance does not protect you from punishment. In the event of suspicion, the tax office can trace back up to 10 years and the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies will prompt the state to control purchases and their taxation more intensively. In the United States, Coinbase has already been asked to release user data.



However, the crypto and blockchain industry would not be one of the most innovative if it weren't for smart minds who were thinking about how to make life easier for investors. The Austrian companies Blockpit has been dealing with compliance issues related to digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Co. since September 2017. Blockpit thus solves the complexity of regulations on cryptocurrencies with a software platform that unites all sources of origin. That means Blockpit not only offers cryptocurrency users, but also tax advisors, banks and crypto exchanges on topics such as Anti-money laundering, tax reporting and Transaction analysis from Bitcoin and Co.

The software enables the collected Documentation of all trades from all its sources of origin (Trading, mining, hardforks, gifts, ...). Works just as easy as it sounds! This is what the dashboard looks like in an example account from Blockpit:


The service is available to you both via the web app and for mobile devices using the app.
Blockpit has made the subject and application easier to understand Explainer created:


In addition to this Service Industry Blockpit provides interesting and, above all, relevant information about the AML5, taxes in other countries and other exciting topics on their own, free blog are available. Read more!

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