13,000 ATMs in South Korea Now Support Tron (TRX) Takeoff

Bitcoin machines are nothing new in the crypto world. They supported cash withdrawals through bitcoins or the purchase of cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. In South Korea, however, there is now a new type of machine. In cooperation with MeconCash, customers can now withdraw Korean won from 13,000 ATMs by exchanging TRX tokens.

Change Tron (TRX) to Korean Won

Justin Sun's Tron crypto project continues to evolve despite ongoing criticism. After Tron had also received their own Twitter emoji a few days after Bitcoin, Crypto.com Coin and Binance Coin, the next positive news follows for the 17th largest cryptocurrency in the world.

As the Tron team presents on their YouTube channel, people in South Korea can now withdraw money at 13,000 ATMs by exchanging their Tron (TRX) for Korean won. This is made possible by working with the MeconCash application.

In order to exchange Tron Coins for the local Fiat currency, customers have to go to one of the 13,000 machines. Customers enter the required requirements in the MeconCash app, enter their date of birth and confirm an authentication code on the smartphone and the machine. Customers who deposit more than 100 Tron into the MeconCash app should receive an airdrop in the form of JST tokens as a reward.

The following video explains the procedure:

App not only supports the Tron cryptocurrency

The MeconCash app supports not only the exchange of Tron for Won, but also the Just (JST) cryptocurrency of the Tron ecosystem. Just is a Tron-based DeFi platform with its own stablecoin.

Just yesterday, Tron CEO Justin Sun presented three new applications for the token to serve the current worldwide DeFi hype:

  1. JUST Lend: A platform on which Tron users can earn interest or borrow assets against a collateral
  2. JUST Swap: A completely decentralized on-chain protocol for exchanging tokens
  3. JUST BTC: A TRC-20 token that is 1: 1 covered with bitcoins (BTC).

In the future, it is planned to implement the JST token as the central token for the Tron DeFi ecosystem. It is intended to be used for decentralized loans, decentralized trading and cross-chain applications.

Markus from Kryptokumpel.de
Photo credit: pixabay.com | CC0